Taylor Nodell
Front End Web Developer

This is my simple work in progress portfolio. I hold a Udacity Front End Web Development Nanodegree. Below you can see some of the personal projects I've worked on and my resume. I'm particularly interested in javascript gaming and how current frameworks can be applied to create enjoyable user experiences.
Contact me: taylor.nodell@gmail.com
Github: nodes777

Pong Plus

A pong clone made with HTML5's Canvas. I use the prototypical method of object construction and my own MV* method to update the scores. You can read about my process here.

Frameworks: Bootstrap, jQuery, MVC, Prototypical Object Construction,

Source Code


Based on a Udacity project, I expanded upon my original work to make it more like a game. The player has a "choose your own adventure" style map. Choices are based on a typical day off in Port Douglas, where I spent several months working.

Frameworks: Bootstrap, jQuery, knockout.js, Google Maps API, Open Weather API

Source Code

Angular Bookstore

My first entry into the world of Angular. This is a book "store", showcasing a few of my favorite books. I give my take on why the book is one of my favorites and then I pull data from Google Books to provide a description, specs and images.

Frameworks: Angular.js, Google Books API, JSON, Bootstrap

Source Code


Here's my resume, hosted on GitHub Pages

Frameworks: Bootstrap, jQuery, JSON, Google Maps API, GitHub Pages